Monday, April 15, 2013

How to keep electronic office equipment ?

Electronic office equipment, 1st business day and continue rolling. Computer, printer, fax and computer agents, Administrative Assistant, warehouse workers and managers strive to enable. Higher throughput may be lost from damaging the computer or working hours and sales. Smart Office Manager knows work sh o mock ? Electronic devices, and it is important to maintain.

To clean your computer in a week. Dust and dirt, random sh ch my boy, or hardware failures causing overheating and possibility to spray compressed air keyboard, mouse, monitor, CPU usage. Be upright and clear goals, CPU fan takes a straw dispenser or other components. In other words, say the spray is a quick blast.
Do a thorough cleaning the computer every few months. Cotton swabs (corner trying to pick up the pieces in place to reach for), dust-free cloth with a computer in the Office, use a can of compressed air to spray in all the power your computer before taking it down. 15 minute rest. anti-static wrist strap, static electricity, make sure that the computer by using your body does not trip.
Keep the part of the computer. In the case of the vacuum cleaner is used to clean spray outside. Dry cotton cloth, monitor, LCD screen, remove the dust. 50% alcohol and 50% are a combination of an expression. Screen, use the dry cloth, apply the oil. Clean Microfiber cloth CRT screen and water as needed. Or a swab to clean off the excess dust, pressing the mouse on your computer of dust, lint roller, remove a piece of clear tape to lift. Clean by wiping with a cloth if the optical mouse. Lightly shake the paper to remove bits of food debris, unlike particles and dust the keyboard upside down.

Paper fans, fax machines, printers before. This can prevent a jam. Great cause, damage to the elastic bands, pins, or get inside homes, these Office machines for fasteners, please cease. Printers and faxes to prevent overheating, keep at least 6 inches from the wall and home well ventilated. If you change the ink or toner, clean the House filth all carpenters. Machinery and damage excess ink particle sensor. Cloth or a cotton swab to clean small parts machine. Alcohol or cloth roller fax used in clean surface wet.
At least once a week, clean the glass surface computer. Spray bottle cleaners, dust-free protein. Cotton cloth Copier dust. Copiers do not use compressed air to the inside. Copier weapon cleaning and maintenance please contact on a regular basis. Warning lights and machines to stop and listen to the conversation completely, garage for the lining.Read more......

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