Monday, April 15, 2013

Computer network equipment

Computer or network cable connects the radio waves. The computer from the network to move from one data network cabling, special equipment is required. Move the body contains the data packet header source and destination address. Another computer network equipment uses this information in various ways.

Network hub is the hardware used for simple tasks. It is a little splitter. There are electronic box socket device. Computers on each network, a cable socket connection.
Hub sees address information to data packets need to have not just repeat every other socket the socket. Reset it from any computer connected to the incoming data. Pay attention to messages as they arrive, decision on each computer that runs the software to ignore.
Switches are more expensive than hubs. Reduce the price of the hardware, reduces the difference in price of the hub or switch. Hub than the more popular that now provide a small additional cost, switch additions. It looks like a more sophisticated hub and switch. The switch checks the appropriate address and the destination address of the packet data and sends the packets received on a connected socket. Working with the MAC address of the switch. We stand for MAC media access control. Computer physical address and MAC address of each network adapter is hard coded. Without the use of network adapter devices (computers, printers etc.) without connecting it to the network.

Bridges are often confused switch. Two Sockets many may in key differences include the bridge switch part number is application specific, bridge, also known as the "bridge". Takes time to wait for until you apply the data on how many computers the same network cable connection. Because of this, network administrators can reduce the wait time for each computer and network. Together a bridge network segment. Connect the 2 sections of the bridge. Segment the legs to create a database server communication learning MAC addresses. When messages arrive, parts of the bridge passed the message on the other side of the computer. If the sender and receiver have the same section in the bridge does not use packet data.
Deal with the hub, switch, router, IP address, MAC address. Moved IP address data to any location in the world connected to the router and the Internet. First-hop router is the best direction and sends data to all possible destinations in the database. One router to connect data and now does not specify a full path of choice. Is my decision where routers and data sent.Read more......

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